UK artist’s creation takes Udaipurites to the moon and back

  Museum of the Moon lands in Udaipur Udaipur : Hundreds of residents and tourists were enthralled not only to see the ‘Moon’ so close but also to feel its magnificence. They posed in various positions, some danced,some pretended to hold it on palm and carry on shoulders, some kissed under the massive structure and rejoiced. On Tuesday, the Museum of the ... Read More »

Vermicomposting at Zinc Park of Hindustan Zinc

Hindustan Zinc believes on the principle of 4R – Reduce, Recycle, Reclaim and Reuse. For gainful utilization of  organic waste generated in the form of dry leaves and animal waste in Zinc Park of Hindustan Zinc, company has adopted Vermicomposting technology to process these waste and convert it into manure for development of the trees, shrubs and garden. In vermicomposting, compost ... Read More »

Daksh left the World Fascinated by creating his 5th Android Application in the age of 14

  New Android Application ‘Society’ launches across the country India’s youngest android developer Udaipur : In the age in which School Students learn the ABCD of the technologies, Daksh Agrawal of Udaipur has made his fifth Android Application and has fascinated the World. His Self-Confidence & self-learning has made this Guy in age of 14 years a magician in Indian Technologies ... Read More »

Zinc in Space…

When NASA scientists needed a coating that could withstand the extreme temperatures of space travel, they turned to Zinc Oxide. Researchers were able to develop a Zinc-based coating capable of withstanding thermal cycling between 180˚C and -180˚C, and the bombardment of ultraviolet exposure equivalent to 19,000 sun hours. The Zinc-Oxide coating is now routinely used to protect components of spacecraft, which ... Read More »