Daksh left the World Fascinated by creating his 5th Android Application in the age of 14

  New Android Application ‘Society’ launches across the country India’s youngest android developer Udaipur : In the age in which School Students learn the ABCD of the technologies, Daksh Agrawal of Udaipur has made his fifth Android Application and has fascinated the World. His Self-Confidence & self-learning has made this Guy in age of 14 years a magician in Indian Technologies ... Read More »

Better Luck Next Time: Cities Mull Failed Amazon Bids

For some of the 200-plus cities knocked out of the running for Amazon’s second headquarters, the effort may turn out to be a trial run for other opportunities. But they’re advised to not make the same kind of promises to just anyone. Cities such as Detroit, Memphis, Tennessee; and Gary, Indiana, failed to make Amazon’s first cut as the online ... Read More »

Qualcomm Secures Regulator Approval for NXP Deal

Qualcomm has received approval from European regulators for its proposed $38 billion acquisition of Dutch automotive chip maker NXP Semiconductors, a key milestone in pushing the deal forward. The San Diego wireless technology giant also gained approval for the deal in South Korea. Now the acquisition has gotten the go-ahead from eight of the nine required regulatory agencies around the ... Read More »

Kaspersky Lab Challenges Homeland Security Software Ban

Kaspersky Lab, a Moscow-based software vendor accused of keeping close ties to the Russian government, has asked a D.C. federal court judge to block a Department of Homeland Security directive prohibiting U.S. agencies from using its products. Attorneys for Kaspersky filed a motion for a preliminary injunction Wednesday that would put a pause on the government-wide ban, Binding Operational Directive ... Read More »

Zinc in Space…

When NASA scientists needed a coating that could withstand the extreme temperatures of space travel, they turned to Zinc Oxide. Researchers were able to develop a Zinc-based coating capable of withstanding thermal cycling between 180˚C and -180˚C, and the bombardment of ultraviolet exposure equivalent to 19,000 sun hours. The Zinc-Oxide coating is now routinely used to protect components of spacecraft, which ... Read More »

Citing National Security, Lawmakers Urge AT&T To Sever Ties with Huawei

National security concerns raised by Chinese tech firms including Huawei, one of the world’s largest cellphone makers, have caused congress members to quietly pressure AT&T towards cutting ties with that company and others, Reuters reported Tuesday. Lawmakers lobbied AT&T to walk away this month from a deal to sell Huawei smartphones to U.S. customers, and companies with ties to Huawei ... Read More »

Four Malicious Chrome Extensions Removed from Chrome Web Store

Google has removed four malicious browser extensions with a combined total of 500,000 downloads from the Chrome Web Store. Security firm ICEBRG discovered the malicious extensions after it picked up an unusual spike in outgoing network traffic. The first extension identified was called HTTP Request Header. After further investigation, it discovered three more: Nyoogle, Stickies and Lite Bookmarks. In a ... Read More »

Google Cloud AutoML Lets Users Create Smart Image-Based Apps

Building on its vision to make AI “work for everyone,” Google today launched a new cloud-based service for building artificial intelligence systems without advanced programming expertise. Cloud AutoML is aimed at users that could benefit from AI-powered applications for business, research, conservation, and other needs. The first tool Google is rolling out under the new service is Cloud AutoML Vision ... Read More »

For Success, Marketers Need To Embrace Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) was a key feature in many of the new products unveiled at last week’s CES 2018 trade show in Las Vegas, powering everything from laundry-folding robots and smart mirrors to autonomous cars and image recognition apps for the visually impaired. But while AI and machine learning promise to enable whole new classes of consumer products, those smart ... Read More »

Google Hit By Revised Version of Gender Pay Lawsuit

A revised gender-pay lawsuit seeking class-action status against Google faults the search giant for asking new hires about their prior salary, a practice now banned in California. The suit, filed Wednesday, also adds a fourth complainant, a preschool teacher with a master’s degree. The four women allege they were underpaid by Google compared with their male counterparts. The suit, which ... Read More »