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Incapable to support, man seeks Euthanasia for ailing sister in Chittorgarh

Udaipur : Incapable to support his differently abled sister, an unemployed man has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, seeking Euthanasia for her. Sudhir Mishra, a resident of Pratapnagar area in Chittorgarh city, has been knocking doors to doors to get sanctioned pension for his sister Sunita who is suffering from 90 percent physical disability. Her unfit mental condition demands someone to look after her around the clock as she is unable to do anything of her own.

Their father, Vidhyapati Mishra retired as government school teacher in 1986 who died in 2014 and since, Sudhir has been the guardian of the ailing woman. Sudhir and his wife both had private jobs however, after the death of their father, they had to leave jobs to take care of Sunita. ” As per the state government scheme, my sister who is physically and mentally unfit , is entitled to receive the pension of our father. I moved the file in 2015 and since have not left any stone unturned to get the pension sanctioned. Initially there were some objections raised on the file which were clarified, i met the education authorities and requested them for the early disposal of the case, but no one has any compassion” Sudhir Mishra told Udaipur Kiran.

Mishra who has a daughter and is not in a good financial condition himself, is unable to work because his sister needs someone at home always to look after. ” She has to be washed, bathed, changed everyday. My wife does all her personal work and she has to be moved in wheel chair. We have a teenage daughter but we cannot afford her studies because we have to look after Sunita too. In such a condition, finding no other option, I have given the mercy killing petition to the Collector because it is better my sister gets death rather than living in such a wretched condition” Sudhir said fighting his tears. Presently, the family lives in a portion of their father’s home occupying two rooms. The other portion has been given on rent and that money is the only source of income for this family of four people.

“In 2012, the state government had provisioned that upon the death of any government employee their dependant daughter, if she is differently abled or separated from husband, would be entitled to the family pension of her father or mother. Provisions are there but lack of willingness on the part of ministerial/clerical staff in departments cause unwanted delays thus leaving the needy people in pitiable condition” Laxmi Narayan Dashora, president of the District Pensioners society, Chittorgarh said.


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