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Woman, lover stripped and paraded naked in village near Udaipur city

‘First husband, aides outraged her modesty’

Udaipur : In an utterly shocking incident, a 23-year old woman and her lover were stripped and paraded naked in Dano-ki-Bhagal of SareKhurd village in Kailashpuri under Sukher police station area. The incident has come as a big shock not only for the police but the residents as the place is only some 25 kilometers from the city. Unfortunately, instead of intervening, mob led by the woman’s ex-husband went ahead in ridiculing, clicking pictures and filming the entire episode. Sukher police rushed to the spot on being informed and brought the couple to the station in safe custody. The ex husband has been detained while two of his aide who helped him are on a run, police said. A case has been registered by the police and investigation has been initiated, authorities said.

According to police, the woman’s first marriage had taken place 5 years ago SareKhurd, Kailashpuri however they separated as per the tribal custom known as ‘Chhoot Palla’ and the woman had a second marriage with *Gameti resident of Basaar in Jhadol block. During her first marriage, the woman had developed love relationship with one * Gameti in the Sarekhurd village and even after her second marriage she continued to see her lover. On Thursday, she came to Sarekhurd to meet *, however, her first husband Taru came to know of their plan. He felt humiliated as * belonged to the same village and he couldnt bear his affair with his ex-wife. Sources claimed, the couple had planned to elope after a secret marriage. On Friday Taru with the help of his uncle  and a friend assaulted the couple, stripped them.

They were tied with a rope and made to walk around the entire village with people jeering at them. Some people from the village intervened and released them, Police was informed which brought the couple to the station and took a report. Taru has been taken in custody while the other two are absconding. This is not the first incident of such kind that has happened in Udaipur. In June 2016, a woman and her lover were stripped and paraded naked and tied up together for two days and nights in Kasotia in Kanod tehsil, while in September 2011 too, residents of Godli village near Udaipur had paraded a couple naked for an alleged illicit relationship between the two.


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