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Women to grow kitchen gardens to combat malnutrition in Dungarpur

 Udaipur : In a bid to combat malnutrition and improve nutrition in the tribal dominant area, the district administration has initiated a project to develop kitchen gardens in households as well as every Anganbadi kendras. Women would be encouraged to develop kitchen gardens so that every house produce its own healthy and low-cost vegetables that could meet the nutritional requirement of the entire family.

” In the first phase, kitchen gardens at every Anganbadi kendra and 50 houses in the surrounding areas would be taken up. Government departments too have been given the task of encouraging people to develop kitchen garden area at their homes and the results have been encouraging. Total 683 kitchen gardens were prepared in a single day and the villagers were educated on the kinds of vegetables that has to be grown in the gardens” Collector Bhagwati Prasad told Udaipur Kiran.

The Women and Child development department is the nodal agency supervising the kitchen garden project. Exhibitions are being held at village levels to educate people on the importance of the project. Parvati Katara, Dy Director of the department said that previously some 10 thousand kitchen gardens were developed under various projects. This time kitchen gardens are being developed at more than 2 thousand anganbadi kendras in the district as well as the volunteers, ASHA workers, Self Help Groups too are contributing by developing such model kitchen gardens at their homes to motivate other women.

Mainly seven kind of vegetables including leafy ones like spinach, fenugreek, mustard, drumstick, daikon radish, taro root (arvi) and local specie puvaad would be grown that are rich in minerals and vitamin contents. ” These veggies are full of iron, sodium, vitamin, iodine, clorine, calcium, carbohydrates, fibre, protein and phosphorus. If people become habitual of eating home grown veggies, children wont suffer from malnutrition as well as the people would be able to combat various diseases by healthy eating habits” the collector said.

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