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Band, Baaja & Bullockcarts!

Udaipur : Only few of the younger generation living in cities may have seen or heard of bullock ridden carts! ‘Bail-gaadi’ or the bullock cart once had been the common means of transport until three decades back, today has become a rare sight even in village areas and so when a caravan of bullock carts passed through the National-Highway-162 recently, it grabbed wide attention. Kailash son of Mohanlal Choudhary ex-sarpanch of Udaipur’s Mavli village rode on a bullock cart and so did all the baaratis who accompanied him to the bride’s home at SaleraKhurd village on Sunday.

The baraat comprised of a caravan of 21 caparisoned bullock carts and the bridegroom was also seated in one of them. The family is said to be quite well off and so it was a surprise for the villagers to see the bullocks procession. On being asked for the reason, bridegroom Kailash said that it had been a custom in their family.His grandfather VeniRam Choudhary who had been the sarpanch for 40 years, too had gone on a bullock cart to bring his bride and so did his father.Hence to continue the family tradition and also to set an example to others to value the age old traditions, they had opted for this kind of wedding procession,Kailash said.

Women sang folklore all the way while the bells tied around the bulls’ neck gave melodious tinkling effect to the surround. ” We intentionally avoided the modern means of transport to spread the message of environment conservation. Also no DJ or loud music was involved, only musical instrument used was the ‘dhol’ to mark the wedding celebration” the bridegroom’s father said. In a similar marriage function held in Rajsamand city on sunday,  the boy’s party arrived in 12 bullockcarts to the bride’s residence from Lavana village, some 7 kilometers from the town. Residents enjoyed the spectacular sight when the procession passed through the main streets. Even more surprising was to know that the bridegroom was a doctor.

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