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Tuesday , January 16 2018


The Beauty of Halong Bay, Vietnam

The staggering beauty of Halong Bay is tough to resist – the looming limestone cliffs and rocky outcrops rising from emerald green waters provide ethereal postcard views that one could hardly find elsewhere. It is northern Vietnam’s top tourism hub, thanks to the vast collection of islands with populous fishing ... Read More »

Meditate Your Way To Better Health

In today’s era of fast-paced life, hectic jobs, polluted environment, and an electronic mode, we seem to have lost the peace of mind and health too. Thus, people are becoming increasingly cautious about health and finding ways of making their lifestyle healthy. One of the best ways to attain peace ... Read More »

Is AI more important than Big Data for IoT Implementation?

The development of the internet of things has revolutionized the heavy industry, online shopping, localized data collection and virtually every other aspect of modern life and business. However, innovators are still struggling over the future of the IoT, and how they’ll get there. While many see big data as the ... Read More »

The Mystique of Spices

The flavour and smell of spices bring to mind the inherent mystique characteristics of spices that is well-known globally for good food and health. The Europeans travelled around the globe in search of spices that was weighed in gold or even of a higher value than gold. There was a ... Read More »

Wellington – the Windy City

Located on the southwestern tip of the North Island, Wellington is New Zealand’s cosmopolitan capital city that has surged in popularity amongst travelers in recent years. It is nestled between a picturesque harbour and rolling green hills, with gorgeous Victorian timber architecture lacing the bushy hillsides. The second largest city ... Read More »

How Malaysian SMEs Can Win Big

Malaysian SMEs (Small Medium-sized Enterprises) is the largest business establishment and vital component of the country’s economic development but how to make them win BIG? Some local research identified five key challenges faced by Malaysian SMEs : Lack of access to finance Human resource constraints Limited or inability to adopt ... Read More »

‘Fitbits’ in your body, and beyond

A medical monitoring equipment had just been reduced to the size of a grain of sand. Like a ‘micro fitbit in the body’, it is able to keep watch on conditions from within. And perhaps, open up new possibilities for internal wearables. About a year ago, scientists at the University ... Read More »

Auckland – the City of Sails

Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city, often mistaken as the country’s capital with a population of 1.4 million people. Apart from being the most bustling and cosmopolitan city in New Zealand, it is dubbed the “City of Sails” for its numerous yacht marinas and sailboats anchoring offshore. Surrounded by bays ... Read More »