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City Facilities Management: A Customer Journey Introspective

City Facilities Management is one of the world’s leading facilities management companies and is the exclusive provider of facilities maintenance services for Southeastern Grocers (“SEG”) which includes Winn-Dixie, Harvey’s and Bi-Lo stores. City’s first U.S. subsidiary was established in 2016 to provide comprehensive maintenance services to one of the largest U.S. retailers in over 750 supermarkets, across 7 southeastern states.

As the management of complex, multi-site facilities presents many challenges, City tailors its services to meet specific customer needs, preferring to self-deliver, where possible, through dedicated technicians, supported and coordinated by a state-of-the-art help desk.

With the coordination and analysis of all aspects of City’s services controlled through its technical help desk, the company recognized a need to make extensive changes to its legacy contact center environment to support this critical business function.

Their current technology was beginning to impact productivity, marked by complex call routing and outdated, simplistic operator consoles. Agents lacked the ability to classify calls in a queue; when changes were made, the entire system had to be restarted. In addition, City was forced to archive call recordings and other data, which made it nearly impossible to generate reports for agent evaluation and quality assurance.

The company desired a self-contained contact center platform that included omni-channel communications, intelligent routing, and quality management, and which was also easy-to-use.


?EU? Enghouse Interactive Communications Center
?EU? Enghouse Interactive Quality Management Suite

Among City’s priorities was migrating to a VoIP telephony platform. Headquartered in Jacksonville, FL, hurricanes and severe weather mandated that agents had the flexibility to work remotely. Also of note, in Florida, employees are often required to speak Spanish with customers, making the ability to classify inbound contacts vital to service quality.

Deployed by over 4000 organizations across the world, Enghouse…

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