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Gujarat egg donor files forgery case against Indira infertility hospital in Udaipur

Udaipur : A woman who had come to donate egg at a Indira infertility hospital here has lodged a complaint against the management for wrongly operating her without informing her and seeking consent of her husband. The woman said that on being put on injection course as a part of the egg donation process,she complained of severe abdomen pain and allergy and wanted to withdraw from the process, however, the hospital authorities forced her to continue and when complications occured, they operated her while she was unconscious.

Rekha wo Harish Chaudhary, resident of Udana in Surat has lodged the complaint at the Bhupalpura police station here on Monday. The woman said that she had been an egg donor for some time due to poor financial condition. She was approached by an agent Ratan who brought her to Indira Infertility hospital here in the month of April. On May10, she was given the first injection after which Rekha experienced severe abdomen pain and developed allergic symptoms. She refused to further proceed with the process but the authorities threatened her and said that once she has consented, she could not withdraw.

The woman told the police that she was made to sign on some papers and the hospital management said that if she didnt donate the eggs they would take alegal action and she would be jailed. Rekha said she was forced to continue and given a second injection on May 14. The woman told that while she was unconscious,the doctors conducted an operation on her lower abdomen without her knowledge. On May 24,again she was given an injection and her eggs were taken. ” The woman told us that she was paid 25 thousand rupees and when she got a medical checkup from another hospital, she was told about the surgeries at three places on her body. A case has been registered under sections 336, 420, 120-B of the IPC” Harendra Singh Soudha, SHO Bhupalpura police station said.

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