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Judicial reform is of paramount importance: Maldives President

Speaking at this year’s inaugural session for the People’s Majlis, President Solih said that without ensuring that judges abide by legal and ethical standards, there will be no stability. 

The president also said that there are a number of changes that need to be brought in order for full-fledged democratic principles to be enforced in the country. 

His comments assume significance as Maldives was under emergency last February after a Supreme Court verdict which also led to arrest of two judges by former President Abdullah Yameen. 

The President said that the people elected him in the hopes of moving away from the culture of corruption and kleptocracy that was poisoning the Maldivian nation.

He noted that the Commission on corruption and asset recovery has convened its work with technical assistance from foreign experts and the goal is to recover the lost funds, and bring to book those responsible for acts of fraud and theft. 

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