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Kidney Stones removed successfully by Retrograde Intra-Renal Surgery

Congenital Deformed Patient’s Life saved by Geetanjali Doctors

Udaipur : Geetanjali Medical College & Hospital’s Urologists saved a 23 years old female patient suffering from stones in kidney by performing a successful Retrograde Intra-Renal Surgery. The team of doctors includes Urologist Dr. Vishwas Baheti & Dr. Pankaj Trivedi, Anesthetist Dr. Uday Pratap, Nursing Staff Pushkar, Jayprakash, Avinash, Chandrakala & Praveen.

Bhilwara resident, Shehnaj, age 23 years, also suffering from congenital deformity of Osteogenesis Imperfecta was suffering abdominal pain on right side, vomiting & urinal problems since long. The patient’s height is approximately 2 feet with a weight of less than 15 kgs. On a routine consultation to urologist of Geetanjali Hospital Dr. Vishwas Baheti, the ultra sound sonography investigations confirmed the presence of two stones measuring 1.5 centimeters & 8 millimeters in size in right kidney. Osteogenesis imperfecta, also known as brittle bone disease, is a group of genetic disorders that mainly affect the bones. It results in bones that break easily. Other symptoms may include a blue tinge to the whites of the eye, short height, loose joints, hearing loss, breathing problems and problems with the teeth. Complications may include cervical artery dissection and aortic dissection. Due to this deformity it was really difficult to perform an open surgery in the patient. Even blood pressure was monitored by invasive arterial line as both the upper & lower limbs were broken & fractured. So, it was decided by the treating surgeons to treat the patient by a laser procedure instead of open surgery.

Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery (RIRS) refers to surgery done inside the kidney with a viewing tube, better known as a fiber optic endoscope to manage kidney stones. This procedure can also be performed to remove kidney stones, which can be seen through the endoscope and later crushed or blasted using an ultrasound probe or evaporated using a laser probe or could be manually removed using a pair of small forceps. An Urologist with specialized expertise in RIRS is best suited to perform the procedure. It is done under local, spinal or general anesthesia using flexible ureteroscopy and laser. This surgery is performed inside the kidney without making any cuts, something made possible by sending the instrument for this procedure through the urethra and into the kidney. This outpatient procedure is best done for patients suffering with kidney stones, narrowing of the kidney outlet within and outside of it and kidney tumors, said Dr. Baheti.

The procedure took 90 minutes & through this procedure the patient was saved. As this was the best optimal solution for this patient because open surgery would have ended patient’s life. This practice is followed only in Geetanjali Hospital among complete Southern Rajasthan.


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