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Lady doctor resign after clip of patients, medicine sale at gov quarters go viral

Udaipur : Despite several efforts of the state government to facilitate best health services free of cost to the needy people, malpractices by medical practitioners to mint money, force the patients to fall prey to their greed. One such case was exposed in Chittorgarh district where a lady doctor had been selling medicines at higher rates from her government residence.

The gynecologist posted at government hospital in Nimbahera of Chittorgarh tendered her resignation on Friday after a video clip floated on the social media wherein she is seen attending patients at her government quarters. Neelam Bhojlani, is the single lady doctor in the public service and large number of women seek her services for gynae problems. The lady doctor also had set up a mini medical store inside her room where an assistant sold medicines prescribed by the doctor. The practise had been going on for quite a long time however, authorities never intervened as the doctor is said to be a relative of a cabinet minister. While there is a clear cut direction by the state government asking doctors to give priority to those medicines that are available under the free medicine scheme at government hospitals and only in emergency cases when such medicines are not available, branded medicines shall be prescribed so that the needy people do not face difficulties in getting the best health care.

However, sources claim, the lady doctor doesnt not work as per the outdoor schedule and so patients are forced to consult her at her residence. ” When she attends patients at home, she prescribes on a private basis and therefore the patients are unable to avail the free medicine scheme provided by the government” sources said. ” I took my wife to her house and she prescribed medicines which costs 530 rupees in the medical store but when I brought them from her home, i was charged 2525 rupees for the same” said a companion who claimed he would give a written complaint against the malpractice. Sources claim there are quite a number of patients who are dissatisfied with her,but because she is the only gynecologist in the civil hospital no one dared to complain. However, someone managed to make a clip of the room where medicine was being sold by the doctor’s aide. As the news spread, the doctor tendered her resignation to the principal medical officer. ” I have received the lady doctor’s resignation letter which has been forwarded duly. I didnt have any information of such practise, a committee has been framed to hold an enquiry in the matter” K. Asif,the PMO said.

” Government doctors are not permitted to sell medicines at their quarters. We have received no complaint from anyone so far and if such things are happening, proper action would be taken”Dr Manju Agarwal, joint director, medical and health services,Udaipur said.

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