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PM Modi holds rallies in Odisha & Chhattisgarh

Prime Minster Modi held rallies through the day on Tuesday for the remaining phases and appealed for votes.

Prime Minster ‘s first rally was in Sambalpur in odisha where he not only hit out at BJD but also Congress. He said till sometime back corruption was rampant but the NDA government took major steps to curb corruption and now if the government sends 100 paise the entire 100 paise is spent on the poor.

Prime Minster said the only achievements of Cong and BJD are discrimination on the basis of region and caste.

Prime Minster also said that when he acted on the corrupt practices of the opposition they felt pained and now want to remove him.

Prime Minster’s next rally was in Korba in Chhattisgarh  he hit out at Congress and said Naxals will get a boost because of Congress and said conspiracy is on to plunge Chhattisgarh again into dangerous times. He said utmost caution must be practiced against sympathisers of Naxals and Maoists.

Prime Minister then reached Bhatapara and said these elections will determine the role of New India. He hit out at the corrupt practices of the Congress and said Congress and its allies are loosing sleep over the popularity of BJP.

For the last rally of the day, Prime Minister reached Odisha. He held a roadshow from the airport to the ground. People gathered on both sides of the road. He later held a rally.

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