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Sri Lanka: Parliament website changes Rajapaksa’s designation from ‘PM’ to ‘MP’

Several MPs supporting Ranil Wickresminghe had asserted that Rajapksa does not hold the post of Prime minster after parliament approved a no-confidence motion against him last month.

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya has assured that he will instruct his officials to make changes to the website. Sri Lanka is without a prime minster or government since Monday after a court of appeal restrained Mr. Rajapaksa and his cabinet from functioning.

Meanwhile, the political imbroglio continues and Supreme Court continued its hearing on petition against dissolution of parliament. The judgement is expected tomorrow or early next week.

President Maithripala Sirsena has refused to reappoint Wickremsinghe even if he has the majority support. 

Wickremesinghe responded by saying that refusing to appoint him despite showing a parliamentary majority is the President’s problem.

He asserted that there is a parliamentary democracy and the President has to work with the Parliament. Sources said there are some back channel negotiations going on to resolve the impasse but it will be made clear only after the court judgment. 

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